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Women are way too powerful NOT to BE EMPOWERED


Predestined is a registered charity committed to Women’s Empowerment and Wellness. The organization was founded in 2017 and provides support for women in distress regardless of their life’s status. We work to empower marginalized inner-city women and girls through transformational retreats, workshops and conferences, and equip women in general with the knowledge, motivation and where possible, the resources necessary for the repositioning of their circumstances.

A powerful support network for women, Predestined focuses on the empowerment of those who have been limited by circumstances in realizing their full potential. It affords women the opportunity to connect with other women who may provide strength from their own survival stories.

Since its 2017 launch, Predestined has served the needs of our women through annual transformational weekend retreats, International Women’s Day Conferences with the inclusive Men Affirming Women approach, affording men the opportunity to play their part in affirming the strength and power of our women.  Our conferences are generally free to the public. Predestined is currently self-funded with minimal contribution from participants where necessary.

Every year, we secure experienced speakers from different spheres of life to address our female audiences and the various events. Past speakers include Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Motivational Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Pastors and Financial Advisors.

Predestined targets global women’s empowerment as the catalyst for social transformation. It is our belief that given the critical role women play in keeping the marriage and the family together, their empowerment and wellness will automatically strengthen these institutions, and ultimately make for stronger societies and economies.


Our mission is to seek to empower women daily with a message of hope and resilience, helping them to secure personal and professional development opportunities through various transformational events and financial aid.


Our vision is to influence a global movement of empowered women reaching back to give a hand to sisters climbing up the side of the mountains on which we stand tall.



Dear woman who loves so deeply,  I hope this letter finds you proud. Proud of yourself for trusting like you…

You will never hold on to that PLAYMATE long enough for God to change his mind about him/her and you,…

Blessings are not always found in those things we gained or managed to keep. Sometimes the biggest blessings we are…

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Meet the Founder/Executive Director

Keisha Ann Thomas MBA.

Founder/Executive Director

Keisha Thomas is a Certified Master Life Coach, a Minister of Religion and an Experienced Marketer. For more than seventeen years she served her local church by leading out in the Marriage and Family Enrichment Ministry, organizing retreats, seminars and workshops in support of healthier family and marital relationships in the church and the surrounding communities.  

Keisha is passionate about the concept of growth by experience. She believes that everything that is allowed to happen in one’s life, even the most painful experiences may be leveraged in realizing one’s destiny. She believes no pain should be wasted.

The guiding philosophy behind Predestined is that those who have overcome specific challenges ought NOT to shamefully deny their past, but be empowered by the experience, and become strength and hope for those now struggling with the same challenge….sisters who overcame stuff, reaching back to help sisters get through those stuff.

Heather Wilberforce

Social Worker

Donna Pengelley

Minister of Religion

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