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Dear woman who loves so deeply, 

I hope this letter finds you proud. Proud of yourself for trusting like you do, so innocently.  Proud that your heart knows no guile, no craftiness, no cruelty. Proud that you hold the capacity to love without conditions applied, proud that you are favoured by God, to carry around such a powerful, fierce, passionate yet gentle force of nature, in a mere body.

I hope that you never feel ashamed for all the crazy things that force of love inspired you to do. Those times you forgave when you could have hated, those nights you were up fighting alone, in the ring, while your partner slept on the pillows of pride, deceit & selfishness. I just really hope you’re not looking back, feeling weak or ashamed of yourself for standing up for the safety and wellbeing of your kids/ family. I hope you’re not ashamed of those positions you folded into, with the objective of satisfying. I hope you’re not ashamed for holding on longer, than you now know, you should have. I hope you’re not ashamed of the time it took for you to pick up the pieces of your broken self, broken dreams, broken heart, fragmented memories of the good times, broken spirit and a family apart, because of how quickly your ex moved on after the “break” up. I hope you’re not ashamed for being naked before the one you love(d)…. naked vulnerability, sharing naked truths, bearing your naked heart and soul to them, naked emotions, naked bodies and naked love. 

I also hope you never regret feeling. I know your heart feels like it was not built for this world. I know you carry so much in your spirit. I know your capacity to love, really goes unmatched and that your loyalty has, in times past, been perceived as pathetic (not knowing and understanding your worth). I know you probably still have a tiny space in your heart, owned by someone who will never again fill it, still it’s theirs because neither can you and I know that tiny space often scares th out of you. I know you’re sometimes in the fight of your life, with that tiny space, wanting to hold you captive, control and ruin the possibilities of you opening up to something new. 

Nevertheless, I know that it’s more people like you that this world needs! It’s more love like yours that needs to go around. Your consistency in giving, your lack of reservation in caring, your sacrifices in fighting for love and that unconditional acceptance, would make this world a better place. Love often aligns with sacrificial giving, and the offering up of any aspect of self, will cause pain; because Christ loved, he died. I am fully aware of this dynamic, yet, I believe our hearts would much rather to have loved and felt, than to not have felt at all. Existing in numbness. 
Keep on LOVING, recklessly. Someday, the right person will dive as deeply, be overflowed and as engulfed in love for you, loving you back… COMPLETELY!!!!! 


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